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This remodeling of a private residence in Switzerland, Geneve, has brought to our team several challenges, from its size, history and materials, such as the fact that this is an International project, which brings together several multidisciplinary teams.

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VILLA el rompido

Located in El Rompido (South Spain), this Villa V3 counted on the Tendenza project for all material consulting, construction work supervision, lighting design and equipment. A complete interior design project that results from the client's taste for a minimalist environment in balance with the natural elements such as water, wood and stone. A bright and comfortable design that we are pleased to sign.

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Designed to create unique sensations and an exclusive living experience, Tendenza brings to the condominium the innovation and exclusivity of the best interior finishings and high-end solutions.

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Garden House

This villa had a great structural renovation, in which the existing areas were optimized and created new spaces, privileging the luxurious garden and the sea view. For this purpose, and based on inspiration in the garden, we created together with the briefing of the clients a moodboard of materials with calm and neutral tones that seduced by its structure and games of light. The whole concept was based on the family and moments of conviviality among all. A guest house was remodeled next to the swimming pool and the pool lining now in a brilliant greenish tone that shines all around its exotic surroundings.

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Duplex appartment - ocean view

Extravagance and simplicity in a provocative and authentic space.In an environment where contemporary details merge with more classic elements, from the design of the open fireplace in the room that allows you to see the entrance space of the room, to doors drawn in upholstery with brushed metal handles. All the design of the kitchen, from the design of the bathroom spaces, as well as the design of the lighting moldings, and built-in cabinets.Nothing has been forgotten, in an integral design of the whole apartment where on both floors it is possible to feel the avant-garde and cozy atmosphere.

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This marvellous Penthouse was designed to enhance a lighting environment that took advantage of the magnificent ocean view and nature surroundings  in the beach of Senhora da Rocha.Noble materials such as wood and marble were priveled, creating constrasts and sensations through different spaces defining the zones and approaching them also in a singular language.Luxury was imperative in the design of all the details of this house, emphasizing exclusive and cozy environments, which were inviting both daily and for moments of leisure with friends. This home has a bedroom, a closet space, an indoor bathroom and an outside space for bathtub and shower, living room, office, and indoor and outdoor kitchen. A wonderful space to live.

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In this private Spa, the concept came from the comfort of being at home, but from feeling in a different environment, the bold use of materials and contrasts forms, heated chair in marble that contrasts in its shape with the characteristics of this material works as a piece of art carved from an entire block.The waterfall that descends to the indoor swimming pool also reinforces the scenic environment of the Spa, where balance and emotion are expressed. Nothing has been overlooked in this space and there is still an wall furniture with washbasin, and storage, the designed wooden dividers, divide the zones and the space of gymnasium.

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An apartment with two bedrooms, an office in open space with the living room, kitchen open to the living room, all surrounded by a huge balcony, which also invites the use of outer space and dazzling the ocean landscape. In the main bedroom the water areas merge with the ambience of the room, made integrated but simultaneously divided by the washbasin that also serves in it’s structure as a bedside partition, a magnificent closet, which is also intented with all the space. In this project the use of wood floor and wall coverings together with natural stones, makes the necessary contrast in these zones to divide and invite the total usufruct of the house.

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Casa carrara

The Carrara house project involves the balanced and harmonious design of Architect Mario Martins, which features are meant to respect the marvelous location of this house, based in Luz Reserve, Lagos, in the Algarve. Carrara marble represents it's main trait, found on both on its facade and in the interiors, celebrating the cohexistence and consistent communication between these two spaces, the Tendenza project, that reinforces the connection that links the different areas of the house.

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beach boutique hotel

Our proposal for this Beach Boutique Hotel, with sea view consisted of a compromise between the client's briefing, his target and a relaxed atmosphere in a comfortable and natural space. In this way the selected materials, passed through wicker, straw, cement, wood, and appealed to emotions and a young and friendly spirit.

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The Villa Algarve project aims to convey the values of the brand, its respect for the balance of spaces, the potential of our services and our knowledge of the materials, brands and systems available through our star product - the integral project, key in the hand. In a warm and comfortable environment Indoor / Outdoor, where you can breathe the tranquility atmosphere of the Algarve and where the spaces integrate and merge with the surrounding nature.

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The project of this living room renovation began with the wish of bringing balance and nature into the home, thats why our design proposal was mostly thinking of light, blue tones, raffia, walnut and oak furniture, as natural linen fabrics by the contemporary collection of Barbara Osorio Fabrics. The beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian Design Brands such as And Tradition, and beautiful Portuguese Crafts and Handmade Furniture Pieces as Wewood and Noema Collective.

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The project of this lovely Master Bedroom aimed to bring to the space a selection of materials such as: wood, stone, light, glass, mirro. It integrates a bathtub on the bedroom with a beautiful garden view that makes it very inviting. Taking the most of this golf view locating, and a calm and balanced space to be in.

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