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Your home elegant & organic

When we think about home we think about the power to feel balanced and free at a space, we think about comfort, pleasure and emotions and feelings related to the space in which we are. The process of design is no more then the understanding of this components  and the ability of with the knowledge of the needs and expectations you have for your home, mixed with a premium careful advisement selection,  to design it for you and make it  the perfect  space to live  along with our attention and passion through all the project.

Materials  Selection

In this project our intention was the creation of a natural environment, constricted by a more modern and minimalist aspect through a choice of black frames. The roof gives a moment of detail and refinement and the open space for the pool creates a continuity that is also felt through the concrete walkway over the pool water. A cozy and integrated environment where minimalist materials coexist in harmony with natural wood and water.


Indoor Styling

In the interior the highlight is the relaxed sofa of the B & B Italia, Tufty-Time designed by Patricia Urquiola, in a clear tone that refers to a summer environment, the refinement is conferred by the beautiful Beetle lounge chairs and foot lamp from  Gubi and by intimate details like the blanket , The clock designed by George Nelson for Vitra and the custom metal benches. Also the rug has a modern and ethnic presence by its standard and coexists perfectly with the whole environment.

Outdoor Styling

Outside the highlight is the Gervasoni InOut 07 exterior bed, a striking piece that gives the space a comfortable look, also combined with the Gloster Bay outdoor chair in Teak and outdoor Menu accessories such as the Concrete bowl and Carrie. The natural wood deck also houses an outdoor fireplace perfect for family moments, also here are interesting textures of the fabrics of the cushions that in very natural tones give elegance and detail to the space.